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Tooty Fruity Pollen Perch

Tooty Fruity Pollen Perch
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* Edible bird cage perch infuses beneficial bee pollen and calcium
* Helps condition nails and beaks and supplement your bird's diet
* Available in three delicious flavors with wing nut and bolt mounting system

Condition your bird's body while you supplement her diet. Unique edible bird perch melds beneficial bee pollen and 100% digestible calcium in a foot- and muscle-stimulating shape. Pollen offers parakeets, cockatiels, amazons, macaws, and other birds essential amino acids, Omega-3, fatty acids, and carbohydrates. Calcium helps strengthen bones, aid in muscle function, and assist egg development. Perch is shaped and textured like Cholla cactus wood to help trim nails and beaks and stimulate foot and leg muscles. Easily attaches to any bird cage with wing nut and bolt attachment system. Please specify Grape, Kiwi Lime, or Watermelon.

Size Weight Measurement Suggested For
Small 3 oz 3/4" diameter* x 6" long Canaries, finches, parakeets, and similar sized pet birds
Medium 8 oz 1-1/2" diameter* x 9" long Cockatiels, lovebirds, conures, pionus, and lories
Large 16 oz 2-1/4" diameter* x 12" long Amazons, macaws, cockatoos, and other large bird species

*Diameter is approximate.

Please click on "More Information" for installation, cleaning, ingredients, and further details.

Perch & nutritional supplement rolled into one!
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