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Eco Forage Pak®

Eco Forage Pak®
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* Enhance your bird's cage environment to improve behavior health
* Encourage and develop your pet bird's natural foraging skills
* Bird foraging boxes come pre-loaded with Eco-Nest materials!

Basic Foraging Level
Intermediate Foraging Level

Environmentally Friendly ProductEncourage your bird's daily instinct to forage for food with this fun assortment of 6 foraging boxes. Eco Forage Pak keeps your bird happy and occupied while developing foraging skills, helping reduce unwanted boredom and stress-related behaviors. Each shreddable foraging box comes pre-loaded with Eco-Nest materials and can be filled with your own special treats or food pellets for custom foraging fun for your pet bird. A variety of sizes exercise feet, beaks, and entertain the senses!

Eco Forage 6-Pak Includes: 1 Large (6" x 3" x 1.25"), 2 Medium (4" x 1.25" x 1.25"), and 3 Small (4" x 1" x 1") boxes. Pre-cut holes on boxes provide easy access to shredded paper inside. Made from 100% recycled post-consumer product.

Did you Know?
Birds in the wild spend most of their day foraging for food. This natural behavior is important for enriching their psychological health. Foraging helps reduce undesirable behaviors and provides enrichment for your cherished bird.

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