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Foot Toys

Whiffle Rattle Bird Toy
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* Foot toys for pet birds improve balance and coordination
* Varied shape and textures for birds to grasp and manipulate
* Fun, stimulating bird toys give your bird more play for the price

Birds of all sizes will fall head over feet over these stimulating foot toys. Super Bird Creations Foot Toys offer caged birds a fun way to increase mental and physical exercise. Birds use their feet like we use our hands to grasp and manipulate objects as well as gather important sensory information. Strengthens feet, develops motor skills and challenges the mind of your bird as it manipulates the varied shapes and textures.

Whiffle Rattle has a leather strip inserted through it and tied at each end. Colorful, plastic pony beads inside of ball produce a rattling sound. Sensational UFO is an "out-of-this-world" toy with captivatingly colorful charms, challenging smooth plastic surfaces and rousing rattling sounds. UFO is assorted.

Toy Dimension Suggested For
Whiffle Rattle 1-3/4" dia x 5" Conure to Amazon
UFO 3-3/4" x 1-1/2" Conure to Amazon

Please click on "More Information" for cleaning instructions and playtime recommendations.

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