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Ferris Wheel Swing

Ferris Wheel Swing
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  STYLES - Click styles to view:
* Use wooden bird toy as a foraging device for your bird
* Colorful wooden toy gives birds chewing satisfaction and is a perfect place to hide treats or food for foraging fun
* Use hanging bird toy as a climbing toy or as a swing!

Basic Foraging Level

A carnival of delight in two sizes to charm any sized bird. Wooden beads and chewable blocks are strung on a stainless steel chain. In the middle is a wooden perch with a wooden wheel that spins around as your bird plays. Beads inside wheel clack to inspire your bird to see what's inside. It's ideal for stashing foraging treats. Two quick-link attachments are included so you can use it as a hanging toy or as a swing. Assorted colors.

Did You Know?
In the wild, birds use all of nature's bounty for play, exercise, and to condition their beaks. These activities both physically and mentally stimulate each bird's inquisitive mind. Your bird also needs a variety of high-quality, safe toys to satisfy her natural instincts to play, chew, and preen. In addition, suitable toys also help prevent boredom and the destructive behavior it often encourages. The best toys mix a combination of components into one activity play center - catching both your bird's eye and intellect to entice her into healthy activities that exercise both her muscles and her mind.

Size Measurement Suggested For
Medium 7" x 7.25" Parakeet to Conure
Large 9" x 10.5" Conure to Amazon

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