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Wood and Bamboo Foraging Toy

Wood and Bamboo Foraging Toy
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* Hide food or treats in the bamboo and watch your bird forage
* Ideal for birds who know how to forage, but need a little more challenge
* A great economic foraging alternative that intrigues your feathered pet

Intermediate Foraging Level
Advanced Foraging Level

With multiple uses, this bamboo toy has wood to chew, stacks to climb, intriguing noises, and hiding places galore to awaken and feed your bird's foraging instinct. Made of wood and bamboo, these hanging toys keep your bird guessing. Place bits of your bird's favorite treats inside each cup, and then hang inside or outside cage or on your Foraging Tree. Foraging fun keeps your bird's brain working to ensure he maintains a happy outlook, which helps maintain good health. Small is sized for parakeet or larger; Large is sized for conure or larger. Includes stainless hanging chain and clip.

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EXCLUSIVE bird toy available only at Doctors Foster and Smith!
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