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Zoo-Max Fun Box

Zoo-Max Fun Box
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* Hide treats inside this sturdy cardboard box with holes for a foraging adventure
* Stuffed with crinkled paper to preen and pull
* Wooden stars and plastic shapes on front and back are great for chewing

Intermediate Foraging Level

This bright white square cardboard box attracts your bird to its many delights. Stuff your bird's favorite treats inside and let him forage them out. Thick cardboard is a great texture for chewing and pecking. Crinkled paper strands stuffed inside add to the excitement. Colorful wood stars and plastic shapes attached with paper rope are chewing favorites.

Studies have shown that toys play a critical role in keeping birds healthy. Fun Box stimulates your bird by using a wide variety of shapes, colors, and textures to keep him interested. Six 3" diameter stars (one on each side) are attached to 6 thick plastic shapes with knotted paper rope keeping it all together. Fits birds sized from conures to Amazons. Includes paper rope hanger.

Please click on "More Information" about acclimating your bird to new toys.

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