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Chopstick Teepee

Chopstick Teepee
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* All-natural foraging and shredding bird toy is made from bamboo chopsticks and more
* Durable toy is fun for birds to perch on, chew, and shred
* Fill gaps between chopsticks in this unusual toy with treats to encourage foraging behavior

Basic Foraging Level
Intermediate Foraging Level

Enrich your bird's in-cage or out-of-cage time with this colorful sustainable bamboo chopstick teepee. Triple action bird toy is great for chewing, shredding, or, when you insert treats inside, foraging. Bright hues in colors of the rainforest attract your bird to see what this toy is all about. Durable bamboo chopsticks are made to be perched on and then chewed. Inside and bursting irresistibly out of the bottom, your bird will find a collection of sisal, wood pieces, and cornhusks just waiting to be pulled out and shredded. Place your bird's favorite treats between the chopsticks, and watch him forage for them, adding to his excitement. Natural, healthy, earth-friendly toy your bird will adore. Rope loop hanger included.

Toy size Dimensions Recommended for
Small 4" diameter x 12" long Parakeets to Conures
Large 6" diameter" x 15" long Conures to Amazons

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