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Triple Bamboo Rings

Triple Bamboo Rings
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* Bird foraging toy relieves stress as your bird nibbles and chews
* Hide bird-favorite foods inside the vine balls for your bird to discover
* Climbing toy lets your bird get in-cage exercise and nibbling can relieve preening behaviors

Hang this engaging, cage-enrichment toy right where your bird can play with it. Tempting textures on this climbable, chewable toy give your bird endless possibilities for fun. He'll chew on the bamboo rings and then find food treasures you hide in the vine balls. He'll gnaw at the enticingly shiny woven palm fronds to his heart's content, and they'll last, because they're thick and durable. Wood beads abound for nibbling and a metal bell gleams and peals at the bottom when the toy moves, providing that pleasurable sound birds love. Toy hangs from a bendable wire so you can arrange it in the cage anyway your bird likes. You can even add pieces like Vine Rings, Wooden Beads, or Woven Palm as they wear. Three sizes for all types of birds, but remember, your smaller bird may appreciate a larger toy to climb on and preen over.

Size Measurement Suggested For
Small 2" x 11" Parakeet to Conure
Medium 2-1/2" x 12-1/2" long Parakeet to Conure
Large 3" x 15" Conure To Amazon

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