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Forage Tiki Hut

Forage Tiki Hut
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* Challenging cage bird foraging toy inspired by tropical Tiki huts
* Birds get physical and metal activity as they forage for fun toys
* Contains no toxic chemicals that can harm or irritate cage birds

Intermediate Foraging Level

Tempting Tiki hut treasures entertain bored birds with stimulating activity. Living World Nature's Treasure Forage Tiki Hut is handmade with care to ensure safe bird entertainment. Colorful bamboo slats intrigue curious birds with peeks of fun stored within. Playful pieces of bamboo, corn cob, oyster shell and coconut shell are threaded and knotted together for a challenge that keeps bird mentally and physically fit. Natural bird toy pieces and fibers are ideal for chewing and shredding for birds that prefer active play. Only food grade colors are used.

Size Measurement Suggested For
Small 3-1/4" dia x 5-1/2" long (7-1/2" long with hanger) Parakeet to Conure
Large 5" dia x 9-1/2" long (12" long with hanger) Conure to Amazon

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