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Treat Cage Bird Toy

Treat Cage Bird Toy
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* Turn your bird's playtime into an interactive experience
* Challenging and stimulating twist to ordinary bird toys
* Never the same toy twice - change contents as often as you wish to keep your bird interested

Basic Foraging Level
Intermediate Foraging Level

Turn playtime into "food for thought" by slipping toys and treats inside this puzzle cage. Stainless steel cage is chew-proof and cleans easily. Included with cage are 30 wood pieces in different sizes, colors, and textures. Or add your bird's favorite toys or treats. Either way, you'll be fascinated as your bird works to get them out. Refills available. Toys come in natural and assorted colors. Hanging hardware included.

In the wild, birds use all of nature's bounty for play, exercise, and to condition their beaks. These activities both physically and mentally stimulate each bird's inquisitive mind. Your bird also needs a variety of high-quality, safe toys to satisfy her natural instincts to play, chew, and preen. In addition, suitable toys also help prevent boredom and the destructive behavior it often encourages. The best toys mix a combination of components into one activity play center - catching both your bird's eye and intellect to entice her into healthy activities that exercise both her muscles and her mind. 8.75" x 5.5" diameter. Suggested for Conure to Amazon-sized birds.

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