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Farmer's Helper UltraKibble™

Farmer's Helper UltraKibble™
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* Supports normal avian health with minimal waste
* High-quality protein in the form of fish meal, salmon meal, and dried peas
* Contains dehydrated vegetables and is a rich source of dietary fiber

Made in the USA

An outstanding kibble supplement to any backyard poultry daily diet, UltraKibble contains a balanced mix of high-quality animal and plant proteins to duplicate nutrients consumed by omnivores. The animal protein in this excellent feed is sourced from fish and salmon meal. UltraKibble also contains elevated levels of dietary fiber, which helps support digestion, making droppings more manageable.

This feed contains trace minerals from salmon as well as dehydrated vegetables including watercress, carrots, celery, beets, parsley, lettuce, and spinach, all packed with vitamins backyard chickens - or any backyard poultry - needs to thrive. Starches in this feed are all gelatinized, thought to increase digestibility and reduce dust. Chickens love the flavor, so there's no waste. For intermittent feeding only, not a complete feed. Made in the USA.

Feeding instructions: Feed 1 Tbsp. UltraKibble to each cup of maintenance feed. Keep fresh water available to your chickens at all times. Always provide some form of calcium, such as grit, for breeding stock and laying hens.

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Specially Formulated for Premium Poultry and Game Bird flocks such as Chickens, Turkeys, Peafowl, Guinea Fowl, Geese, Pheasants, and Ducks.
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