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Roudybush High Energy Breeder Foods

Roudybush High Energy Breeder Foods
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* Vitamin and mineral fortified bird food contains balanced nutrition - no supplements necessary
* Ideal for breeding and weaning birds to help maintain a healthy weight
* Contains no artificial colors or sugars

Food FactsHigh-energy, nutritionally balanced bird diet is ideal for breeding and weaning birds. Diet helps maintain a healthy weight and contains needed protein to help birds gain weight lost due to breeding. Diet is fortified with vitamins and minerals so you do not have to use nutritional supplements. Simply feed to your bird daily along with your bird's favorite treats. Delicious bird food contains natural preservatives and no artificial colors or sugars. Made in the USAResealable pouch helps keeps food fresh. Available in two package sizes and six pellet sizes: Nibles, Crumble, Mini, Small, Medium, and Large. See size recommendations below.

Pellet Size Bird Size (from head to toes) Examples
NiblesTM for birds 3" and smaller Finches, Canaries, and Budgerigars
Crumble for birds 3" and taller Cockatiel, Quaker, Lovebird
Mini for birds 3" and taller Cockatiel, Quaker, Lovebird
Small for birds 6" and taller Dwarf Macaw, Small Cockatoo
Medium for birds 8" and taller Macaw, Cockatoo, Amazon
Large for birds 10" and taller Large Macaw, Large Cockatoo

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