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BioCare Replacement Moth Lure

Glass Moth Trap
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* Lure pesky moths into homemade traps such as a narrow mouthed jar or bottle
* Safe, nearly invisible, and nontoxic
* Each lure attracts moths for 90 days

If moths are invading your bird seed or anywhere in your home, this small lure patch is an easy solution for moth control.

Pantry Moths can enter a home in a variety of ways. The larvae eat grains and cereals, while the adults fly about and lay eggs near food sources, such as your bird's food.

To help control a moth infestation, make a homemade trap with any narrow-mouthed jar or bottle and attach one of these lures inside. Lure attracts the moths with natural moth pheromones. Moths fly inside your trap, then they can't fly out. Each lure lasts 90 days. Package of 2.

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