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Foraging Dowel

Foraging Dowel
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* A great bird foot toy with foraging capabilities
* Hide treats in holes then place in Foraging Tree bowls or food dish in birds cage
* Paper rope & wood beads are great for preening and chewing

Basic Foraging Level

Offer your bird a perfect toy to grasp in his claws as he forages, preens, or chews at tempting textures. Wooden dowel has holes in which to stash small treats, paper rope wound round and round to preen, and colorful wood beads to chew. Giving your pet foot toys promotes needed exercise, both mental and physical, as well as foot dexterity. Paper rope is replaceable as are wood beads. Insert treats, seeds, nuts or dried fruits in hole and then give to your bird. Or wrap treat-laden dowel in paper and place in dish on playstand or Foraging Tree. Ideal for birds sized from conure to Amazon.

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EXCLUSIVE bird toy available only at Doctors Foster and Smith!
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