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Super Bird Creations PVC Forager Bird Toy

Super Bird Creations PVC Forager Bird Toy
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* Heavy-duty PVC foraging toy great for medium to large-size pet birds
* Reward pet birds with their favotite treat AND essential cage enrichment activities
* Affordable introductory toy great for pet birds new to foraging toys

Basic Foraging Level
Intermediate Foraging Level
Advanced Foraging Level

Discover the benefits of foraging with this affordable foraging toy for medium to large pet birds. Super Bird Creations PVC Forager Bird Toy is a great introductory foraging toy with its easy-to-solve design. Simply place pieces of dried fruit, nuts, or your pet birds' favorite bird treat inside the PVC Forager Bird Toy. Your pet bird receives rewarding physical and mental activity as she tries to navigate her way to retrieve the hidden treat!

Super Bird Creations PVC Forager Bird Toy is a fun toy even without hidden treats. Pet birds are happily entertained as they climb, hang, or swing on this multipurpose bird toy. Colorful plastic charms and beads further entice play. Durable PVC construction holds up longer against strong chewers.

Super Bird Creations PVC Forager Bird Toy measures approximately 5" x 7-1/2" long (9" long with hanger). Recommended for cockatiels, conures, and medium to large birds, such as Amazons.

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