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Caitec Foraging Tree

Caitec Foraging Tree
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* Bird forage playstand helps you easily teach or bring out innate foraging behaviors in your bird
* Foraging tree is a concept developed by avian behaviorists and veterinarians
* Tree for bird foraging features textured branches at irregular diameters for foot health

Basic Foraging Level
Intermediate Foraging Level
Advanced Foraging Level

Take your bird from foraging beginnings to advanced foraging and get many years of use from one playstand. The "foraging tree" is a concept discovered by avian behaviorists and veterinarians, most notably M. Scott Echols, DVM. Dr. Echols suggests making or purchasing a foraging tree to teach your healthy bird the ins and outs of foraging.

We have worked together with our manufacturer to design a Foraging Tree with the features Dr. Echols recommends, including:

  • A tree-like structure to place outside the cage where foraging seems to be most successful
  • Height of at least 18" from the bottom of the play gym and no taller than the shortest person in the household that will be interacting with the bird
  • 5-7 feeding stations at different levels on the "tree"

Constructed of easy-clean PVC, this Foraging Tree features 8 removable textured plastic perches/branches (each 8-3/4" long with 1" dia) with irregular diameters for foot health. "Branches" may be easily moved from level to level for variety. Three of the branches have round, 4" diameter plastic foraging cups attached, while two branches have oval 5" x 3-1/2" plastic cups. Three branches have no cups attached. Below three of the branches are swivel hooks so you can hang different or more advanced foraging toys. This way, as your bird gets accustomed to one level of foraging, you can change things up to pique his interest. Foraging Tree includes rolling casters, so you can move it from room to room.

This tree fits foraging levels from basic to intermediate, to advanced. Once your bird learns advanced foraging, the sky is the limit for different toys to keep him entertained. Simple assembly required. Green. For Conures to Amazons.

Use Cage Liner #611766 with the Foraging Tree.

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Downloadable Foraging Tree Assembly Instruction PDF.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later - get it here for free)

Please click on "More Information" for Foraging Tree Use & Tips for Success

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