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Smooth Bark Tree and Stump Ornaments

O.S.I. Marine Smooth Bark Tree Stump Ornaments
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* Realistic aquarium décor can be enjoyed from multiple angles
* Smooth bark tree and stump offer shelter for aquarium inhabitants
* Poly-resin aquarium decorations will not alter water parameters

O.S.I.Create a flooded rainforest biotope with these detailed aquarium replicas. O.S.I. Marine Smooth Bark Tree and Tree Stump Ornaments simplify habitat creation while enhancing aquarium aesthetics. Ridges, knots, and hide-away holes add realism and offer hiding places for shy aquarium fish. Provides great daytime refuge for nocturnal aquarium species such as catfish. Poly-resin decorations will not affect water chemistry or clarity often associated with natural wood ornaments. Safe for freshwater or marine aquariums.

Size Dimensions
Medium Smooth
Bark Tree
(Mfg# 90204)
8" x 4" x 6-1/2" high
Large Tree Stump
(Mfg# 90604)
15" x 4" x 7-1/2" high
Large Smooth
Bark Tree
(Mfg# 90104)
13" x 7-1/2" x 9-3/8" high
XLarge Smooth
Bark Tree
(Mfg #90004)
16" x 9" x 15" high

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Medium Smooth Bark Tree (Mfg# 90204),   CD-33027,   $10.99
Large Tree Stump (Mfg# 90604),   CD-33029,   $19.99
Large Smooth Bark Tree Stump (Mfg# 90104),   CD-81328,   $26.99
XLarge Smooth Bark Tree (Mfg #90004),   CD-33028,   $37.99  
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