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Red Sea NO3:PO4-X Biological Nitrate and Phosphate Reducer

Red Sea NO3:PO4-X Biological Nitrate and Phosphate Reducer
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* Liquid carbon complex safely & naturally prevents nuisance algae in coral reef aquariums
* Microbiological nutrient reduction provides fine control of zooxanthellae population
* Biological nitrate and phosphate reducer for use in saltwater marine aquariums

Red SeaControl nutrients that fuel aggressive algae growth naturally without reactors or resins. NO3:PO4-X Biological Nitrate and Phosphate Reducer is a unique liquid carbon complex that stimulates and supports the growth of nitrate and phosphate-reducing bacteria. A steady population of these bacteria allows complete nitrification PLUS the absorption and utilization of phosphate. The result is controlled nutrient reduction that keeps nuisance algae AND symbiotic zooxanthellae algae population in check.

Regular use of NO3:PO4-X Biological Nitrate and Phosphate Reducer improves reef aquarium aesthetics by creating a low-nutrient environment in a safe and effective manner. Unsightly nuisance algae growth is curbed while zooxanthellae populations that significantly affect coral growth rates and coloration are fine-tuned. Corals are allowed to display their natural colors without undesirable side effect. NO3:PO4-X is also recommended as a complete carbon source for use with carbon-based de-nitrators.

When using NO3:PO4-X Biological Nitrate and Phosphate Reducer, test nitrate and phosphate with a high resolution test kits such as Red Sea Nitrate Pro and Phosphate Pro colormetric comparator Test Kits. Purchase the Red Sea Algae Control Multi Test Kit and SAVE!

NOTE: Efficient protein skimming is essential to provide the necessary oxygenation of the aquarium and to remove bacterial flocks from the water.

NO3:PO4-X should not be used in conjunction with phosphate removers.

Downloadable NO3:PO4-X Biological Nitrate and Phosphate Reducer Manual PDF, and Reef Care Program - FAQ PDF.
(Both require Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later - get it here for free)

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