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Reef BioFuel

Reef BioFuel
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* Liquid carbon source boosts aquarium biological filtration
* Natural phosphate and nitrate reduction in marine aquariums
* Boost bacterioplankton growth to reduce aquarium nutrient levels

Brightwell AquaticsReplace the expensive and complicated "vodka method" to achieve low aquarium nutrients. Brightwell Aquatics Reef BioFuel Bioavailable Carbon Source is a completely safe and biologically-sound method to microbial activity enhancement. Easy-dose Reef BioFuel promotes growth of beneficial microbes to naturally reduce phosphate and nitrate in all marine and reef aquariums.

Reef BioFuel supports beneficial microbial growth and reproduction to increase the rate of phosphate-reduction and denitrification. This natural water quality management works in conjunction with your protein skimmer and existing filtration system. Excellent for use in heavily-stocked, well-fed reef aquariums or to help expedite biological filtration in new aquarium setups.

Use daily in conjunction with testing until optimal water parameters are reached. Reef BioFuel rapidly improves water quality, supports filter feeders and encourages polyp-expansion in all corals.

Please click on "More Information" for technical background, instructions, and ingredients.

Bring balance to well-stocked reef aquariums with protein skimmers
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