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San Francisco Bay Brand Frozen Freshwater Frenzy

San Francisco Bay Brand Frozen Freshwater Frenzy
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* Vitamin C fortified San Francisco Bay Brand frozen Freshwater Frenzy
* Freshwater Frenzy frozen fish food is a blend of freshwater fish favorites
* Contains brine shrimp, bloodworms, cyclops, daphnia, watercress, and more

San Francisco Bay BrandFreshwater Frenzy stirs up a feeding frenzy in community aquariums. This unique frozen food combines food items favored by freshwater fish, including Brine Shrimp, Bloodworms, Cyclops, Daphnia, Watercress and more! Freshwater Frenzy was developed to accommodate all freshwater tropical fish species feeding at all feeding levels - from surface-feeding livebearers, mid-level tetras to bottom-dwelling corycats. Freshwater Frenzy provides the essential nutrients to maintain high energy levels and vigor in your fish.

San Francisco Bay Brand Frozen Freshwater Frenzy is recommended for all freshwater community fish including guppies, tetras, swordtails, platies, mollies, barbs, gouramis, angelfish, and cichlids. Available in smaller mini cubes that are ideally suited for desktop and nano aquariums.

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