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Ocean Nutrition Frozen Blood Worms

Ocean Nutrition Frozen Blood Worms
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* Harvested at peak season for maximum size and nutrition
* Protein-rich and gut-loaded with vitamins to boost important micro ingredients
* Ideal for discus, betas, eels, catfish, swordtails, mollies, guppies, platys, angels, tetras, gouramis, and more

Proprietary nine-step process yields an extremely clean food source for aquarium fish. Ocean Nutrition Frozen Blood Worms are harvested only at peak season to maximize size and nutrition. The washed bloodworms are cleaned, sorted and quickly frozen to retain their natural form, color and nutrition. A gut-loading vitamin premix is added to boost natural nutrition. Convenient, no mess pop-out cubes makes it easier than ever to add variety to fish diet. Ocean Nutrition Frozen Blood Worms is a great food item for both marine and freshwater fish, especially those that eat worms as part of their natural diet.

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