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TetraCichlid Sticks

Tetra Cichlid Sticks
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* Scientifically developed protein rich food for top-feeding cichlids
* Nutritionally balanced diet supports optimal cichlid health & color
* Highly digestible sticks promote clear aquarium water by minimizing waste

TetraProvide essential daily nutrition to medium to large, top-feeding cichlids. TetraCichlid Floating Cichlid Sticks are ideal for Firemouth and Convict Cichlids as well as many other large freshwater or marine aquarium fish. Hearty and nutritional floating stick diet is enhanced with vitamins and ProCare," a patented health-enhancing blend of Omega-3 fatty acids and a biotin supplement, to provide energy and enhance fish metabolism. Highly digestible sticks promote clear aquarium water by minimizing waste. Offer TetraCichlid Floating Cichlid Sticks to enhance cichlid vitality, growth and color.

Please click on "More Information" for ingredients and nutritional information.

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