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Cobalt Aquatics Coral Food

Cobalt Aquatics Coral Food
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* Powdered food for aquarium corals and filter feeding invertebrates
* Provides balanced nutrition to support coral growth and coloration
* Coral food powder makes a convenient live or frozen food alternative

Convenient live/frozen food alternative ensures proper coral nutrition without special storage or handling needs. Cobalt Aquatics Coral Food requires no refrigeration or lengthy preparation to simplify balanced nutrition for corals. Made with a variety of quality ingredients including salmon fish meal, squid meal, plankton, krill, green-lipped mussel, oyster, brine shrimp, dried spirulina, and more. Fortified with vitamins, minerals AND beneficial probiotic bacteria to support coral growth and vibrant coloration.

Cobalt Coral Food is nutritionally balanced reef aquarium food for corals and all filter-feeding invertebrates, such as feather duster worms, clams, sponges, and tunicates. Made in the USA.

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