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Ocean Nutrition Pygmy Angel Formula Frozen Fish Food

Ocean Nutrition Pygmy Angel Formula Frozen Fish Food
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* Fortified marine aquarium fish food formulated for Pygmy Angelfish
* Aquarium fish nutrition with hard-to-offer ingredients such as sponge
* Great for Pygmy Angelfish & other herbivorous marine aquarium fish

Ensure proper nutrition for Dwarf or Pygmy Angelfish (Genus Centropyge). Ocean Nutrition Pygmy Angel Formula Frozen Fish Food makes it easier to care for these popular marine aquarium fish. Formulated specifically to meet the needs of Pygmy Angelfish, this nutritious blend combines sponge, several species of marine algae and spirulina with the freshest seafood. Fortified frozen fish food contains added vitamins and minerals to support vivid natural coloration as well as long-term health and vitality. 35 count half inch frozen cubes.

Recommended for:
Dwarf or Pygmy Angelfish (genus Centropyge), including Flame, Lemonpeel, Coral Beauty, Potter's, Fisher's, Bi-Color, Cherub Angelfish, etc. Also great for most herbivorous and omnivorous marine fish including all Angelfish, Batfish, Clownfish, Damsels, Parrotfish, Rabbitfish, Tangs, etc.

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