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Cobalt Aquatics Egg-Rocker Fish Egg Tumbler

Cobalt Aquatics Egg-Rocker Fish Egg Tumbler
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* Innovative air-driven in-tank aquarium fish egg hatching system
* Gentle rocking action ensure high hatch rates of aquarium fish eggs
* Aquarium fish egg incubator/hatchery boasts simple to use design

Enjoy fish breeding success with higher hatch rates. Cobalt Aquatics Egg-Rocker Fish Egg Tumbler is the ultimate fish egg hatching system featuring an incredibly sophisticated yet easy-to-use design. Simple in-tank installation and connection to an aquarium air pump provide consistent water flow and gently rocking motion within the hatching chamber for an amazingly high hatch rate!

Cobalt Aquatics Egg-Rocker Fish Egg Tumbler offers aquarium hobbyists the ideal tool for incubating and hatching fish eggs. Great for any hobbyist interested in aquaculture and captive breeding at home. Cobalt Aquatics Egg-Rocker Fish Egg Tumbler is suitable for use with freshwater and saltwater egg-laying fish. Requires an aquarium air pump for operation, sold separately.

Cobalt Aquatics Egg-Rocker Fish Egg Tumbler includes an Adjustable Valve, 15" Airline Tubing, Reusable/Cleanable Air Diffuser, Uplift Tube Assembly, Sponge Filter, Stainless Steel Screen Mesh, Downspout Assembly, Main Hatching Chamber with Self Standing Feet, and Detachable Suction Cup Mount.

Egg-Rocker Assembled Dimensions Main Chamber Dimensions
Egg-Rocker 65 (Mfg# 45010) 2.75" x 9" high 2.75" x 6.7" high
Egg-Rocker 80 (Mfg# 45011) 3.3" x 10.6" high 3.3" x 7.9" high

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