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Red Sea Reef Energy A Coral Nutrition

Red Sea Reef Energy A Coral Nutrition
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* Liquid food for photosynthetic & non-photosynthetic aquarium corals
* Provides reef aquarium corals carbohydrates, amino acids, and more
* Unique coral nutrition available for direct consumption and absorption

Satisfy the nutritional requirements of photosynthetic AND non-photosynthetic aquarium corals. Red Sea Reef Energy A Coral Nutrition is a unique formulation of carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids, and suspended protein flocks available for direct consumption and absorption. This organic complex of dissolved and suspended energy sources is a component of Red Sea's 2-part Reef Energy Coral Nutrition Program* designed to close nutritional gaps for photosynthetic corals and provide complete nutrition for non-photosynthetic corals.

Red Sea Reef Energy A Coral Nutrition is an easily digestible and highly nutritious Dissolved Organic Matter complex that eliminates the import of any unnecessary organic material into the aquarium. Every component is utilized in the metabolic processes of coral protein production and soft tissue regeneration to minimize pollution while delivering the greatest energetic value after digestion necessary for growth and coloration of Soft, LPS, SPS and non-photosynthetic corals. Also stimulates polyp and soft tissue extension, helping corals optimize nutrient consumption by expanding surface area for absorption.

Use Reef Energy A in conjunction with Reef Energy B to provide vitamins and amino acids essential for coral health and coloration.

*Due to undesirable interactions between the various components necessary to meet the complete nutritional requirements of the corals, the Red Sea Reef Energy Coral Nutrition Program is divided into 2 complementary products (Reef Energy A and Reef Energy B).

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Please click on "More Information" for Instructions for supplementing corals with Reef Energy.

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