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Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Canister Filter

Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Canister Filter
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* Innovative 4-stage external aquarium filter with inline pump
* Unique design allows custom aquarium filtration & installation
* No bulky motor head means more room for aquarium filter media

Rethink filtration possibilities with greater energy efficiency and custom installation options. The innovative Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Canister Filter employs the silent running Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Inline Pump that boasts dual internal (in tank) or external (out-of-tank) use while drawing just 6-watts of electricity! Unique filter design eliminates the bulky motor head to maximize space for filter media as well as enhance maintenance convenience. Enjoy cleaner, clearer aquarium water and routine filter maintenance that's a breeze!

Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Canister Filter features four preloaded media chambers and a filter cover with a quick-release Valve Block that doubles as a filter output regulator. Simply turn the valve to adjust filter flow rate and a 90-degree turn of the valve completely stops water flow into the canister filter. Water flow is cleverly diverted back into your aquarium, allowing the pump to maintain vital circulation in your aquarium even as you disconnect the canister for maintenance. Compact space-saving canister filter fits comfortably in aquarium cabinet stands and is great for freshwater, marine and reef aquariums as well as aquatic terrariums and vivarium setups. Use multiple Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Canister Filters to suit the filtration needs of larger setups.

Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Canister Filter comes complete with E-X-T Inline Pump, 5/8" ID tubing, Intake and Return Pipes with Intake Strainer and Return Spout (Deflector), Elbow Fitting and Suction Cups. Comes preloaded with filter media for convenient setup.*

Customize your Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Canister Filter with these optional Cobalt Aquatics products!

  • Cobalt Aquatics Micro-UV Clarifier - Ultra compact 3-watt UV clarifier boasts easy inline installation for a hassle-free UV upgrade that keeps aquarium water clean and free of green water algae.
  • Cobalt Aquatics Zeolite Filter Media - Must-have chemical filter media for freshwater aquariums keep toxic ammonia at bay. Removes ammonia as well as odors and heavy metals.
  • Cobalt Aquatics Activated Carbon - Pre-rinsed and pre-bagged activated carbon available in varied pore sizes. Premium Pellets with macro-pore activated carbon delivers longer activity while Premium Granules with micro-pore activated carbon removes impurities quickly. Premium Blend combines macro- and micro-pore activated carbon for fast-action that lasts for weeks.
  • Cobalt Aquatics Anti-Nitrate Filter Resin - High-capacity nitrate removing media rapidly removes nitrate for improved aquarium water quality. Pre-bagged resin media can remove up to 30 mg/l of nitrate on the first day of use and up to 5 mg/l for 15 days.
  • Cobalt Aquatics Biological Filter Media - Available in two innovative choices. Cobalt Aquatics Ceramic Rings boast tremendous surface area for nitrifying bacteria. Great for larger aquarium filtration systems. Space-saving Bio-Globes can compress from 0.95" to 0.86" without reducing flow through the media for versatile installation options without compromising performance.
  • Cobalt Aquatics Anti-Phosphate Filter Resin - Pre-bagged phosphate removing media rapidly removes phosphate to restore aquarium water quality and aesthetics. Fast-acting phosphate removing media can remove up to 0.8 mg/l of phosphate on the first day of use and up to 0.25 mg/l on day 10.

*Included Media Placement
Fine Finishing Pad Fourth Stage Water Polishing Mechanical Filtration
Ceramic Rings Third Stage Biological Filtration
Activated Carbon Second Stage Chemical Filtration
Sponge Filter First Stage Mechanical Filtration


(up to)
Dimensions Media Baskets Max
E-X-T Canister Filter 55 gallons 8" x 8" x 13" high 4 x 1.3 L capacity 210 gph

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Downloadable Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Canister Filter Owner's Manual PDF and Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Canister Filter Installation Choices PDF.
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Comes preloaded with filter media for convenient setup
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