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Static Cling Backgrounds

Static Cling Backgrounds
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  STYLES - Click styles to view:
* Cling-to-glass aquarium backgrounds with high-definition images take your aquarium to new, vibrant destinations
* Aquarium backgrounds apply in minutes with no tape or gels needed
* Easily enhance aquariums up to 36" x 18" with smooth-on aquarium backgrounds you can change up anytime

Dramatically transform the look of your aquarium in just minutes! Easy-to-apply static cling aquarium backgrounds with high-definition graphics deliver impressive results with minimal effort. Static cling technology secures backgrounds directly onto your aquarium and removes easily leaving no messy tape marks or gel residue.

Static Cling Backgrounds enhance any aquarium or terrarium environment with visual depth, instantly giving a "fuller" look without taking up valuable aquarium space. Easily update the look of your aquarium anytime simply by peeling one background off and replacing it with another. Cut-to-fit backgrounds accommodate a variety of aquarium size.

Static Cling Backgrounds are available in five styles: Ocean, Tropical, Coral, Beach, and Classic Black.
Static Cling Backgrounds are available in two sizes: 24" x 12" and 36" x 18".

Please note: Style availability vary by size. Please refer to chart below to determine style and size availability.

Style 24" x 12" 36" x 18"
Ocean NA X
Tropical NA X
Coral NA X
Beach X NA
Classic Black X X

Please click on "More Information" for directions for use.

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 see styles
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