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Reef Dip

Reef Dip
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* Coral dip with elemental iodine for disinfecting aquarium corals
* Coral disinfectant effective against bacteria, fungus, & protozoans
* Covers infected coral to disinfect AND prevent infection from reentering

Disinfect and protect corals from harmful infections. Seachem Reef Dip Coral Disinfectant contains elemental Iodine complexed to a protective slime coat for safe and gentle cleansing of infected corals. Unique coral dip provides a protective coating that holds the iodine solution in contact with the infected site. Extended contact ensures treatment and also prevents infection from reentering the infected site. Seachem Reef Dip Coral Disinfectant is effective against bacteria, fungus, and protozoan infections.

Seachem Reef Dip Coral Disinfectant may also be used as a preventative when there is no sign of disease. Safe for use with anemones, soft corals, stony corals and polyp corals. Do not use directly in your reef aquarium. Always treat coral in a separate dip container. 250 ml makes 50 gallons.

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