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Drs Foster & Smith Product  Drs Foster & Smith Product 

Kalkwasser Calcium Hydroxide

Kalkwasser Calcium Hydroxide
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* Bulk Kalkwasser (calcium hydroxide) supplement for reef aquariums
* Supplements calcium and alkalinity levels beneficial to coral health
* High-quality reef supplement supports corals, clams & calcareous algae growth

Smartly priced bulk supplement for maintaining calcium and alkalinity levels essential for coral health and growth. High-quality DFS Kalkwasser Calcium Hydroxide offers experienced marine reef aquarists a convenient and budget-friendly way to maintain a thriving coral reef aquarium. Essential reef supplement for healthy growth of corals, clams, and calcareous algae.

Easily produce kalkwasser solution by mixing just 6 grams DFS Kalkwasser Calcium Hydroxide with 1 gallon of distilled or RO/DI water. Monitor pH and alkalinity levels and adjust dosage rate to maintain a steady pH in the 8.2-8.4 pH range.

Always test calcium and alkalinity levels prior to use. Calcium concentrations should be between 380-450 ppm. Alkalinity should be between 7-12 dKH.

Before using Doctors Foster and Smith Kalkwasser, adjust calcium and alkalinity to desired levels using Doctors Foster and Smith Calcium Chloride and Doctors Foster and Smith Sodium Bicarbonate . Never add Kalkwasser directly into the aquarium.

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