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Red Sea Reef Foundation ABC Reef Supplement Multipack

Red Sea Reef Foundation ABC Reef Supplement Multipack
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* Calcium, carbonate, & magnesium supplements for reef aquarium
* Provides balanced supplementation for strong, healthy coral growth
* Convenient multipack simplifies proper reef aquarium supplementation

Ensure balanced supplementation necessary for promoting strong and healthy coral growth. Red Sea Reef Foundation ABC Reef Supplement Multipack contains Reef Foundation A, B, and C to simplify Red Sea's Reef Foundation Reef Care Program. Each Foundation Element complements each other in the formation of coral skeleton, and if not available in the correct ratios, one of them will quickly become the limiting factor of healthy coral growth.

Red Sea's Reef Foundation Reef Care Program allows you to define and maintain correctly balanced levels of calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium for successful coral reef aquariums. Foundation Elements include the three major elements: calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg) and bicarbonates (HCO3). These three elements have a major effect on reef-aquarium water chemistry (pH stability, alkalinity, and seawater ionic strength) as well as many biological processes of corals (skeleton formation, ion exchange and photosynthesis).

Red Sea Reef Foundation ABC Reef Supplement Multipack contains 250 ml bottles of:

  • Red Sea Reef Foundation A a calcium and strontium complex.
  • Red Sea Reef Foundation B a carbonate & buffer complex.
  • Red Sea Reef Foundation C a magnesium complex.

Concentration: Reef Foundation A: 1ml will raise the calcium level of 100 liters (25 gal) by 2ppm.
Reef Foundation B: 1ml will raise the alkalinity of 100 liters (25gal) by 0.036 meq/l (0.1dKH).
Reef Foundation C: 1ml will raise the magnesium level of 100 liters (25gal) by 1ppm.

Use the Red Sea Reef Foundation Pro Multi Test Kit before, during and after supplementation to measure and maintain ideal levels specific to your particular reef aquarium setup.

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