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Reef Code A & B

Reef Code A & B
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* 2-part balanced calcium and alkalinity system for reef aquariums
* Helps establish calcium and carbonate ratios found in natural seawater
* Provides the necessary elements for corals and other reef-building organisms

Brightwell AquaticsSimplify calcium and alkalinity maintenance with this convenient, two-part method. When used together, Reef Code A & B helps establish the same ratio of calcium ions and carbonates found in natural seawater. Benefits reef-building organisms such as corals, clams, and calcareous algae by providing these organisms with the necessary building blocks in the proper proportions. Use Reef Code A and Reef Code B for best results. 17 oz treats up to 2,500 gallons.

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A (Calcium) 17 oz,   CD-35543,   $7.40
A (Calcium) 2 L,   CD-35544,   $13.80
B (Alkalinity) 17 oz,   CD-35545,   $7.40
B (Alkalinity) 2 L,   CD-35546,   $13.80
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