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Methylene Blue

Methylene Blue
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* General disease prevention and treatment for fresh and saltwater
* Aids in general disease prevention and treatment of fungal infections
* Effective prevention against fungal infection on aquarium fish eggs

General disease prevention and treatment against superficial fungal infections. Kordon Methylene Blue is an essential item for aquarium hobbyists and breeders to combat fungal infection on adult aquarium fishes or to prevent fungal growth in fish eggs.

Use Kordon Methylene Blue as directed to aid in general disease prevention, detoxification of fishes suffering from nitrite or cyanide poisoning or as a prophylaxis against fungus infections of fish spawns (eggs). May also be used as a dip for disease treatment. 4 oz. Contents treat 240 gallons for average water conditions. For freshwater and saltwater.

Please Note: Treatments should be carried out in a separate hospital tank or other suitable container.

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