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* Helps protect freshwater aquarium fish against disease
* Natural preventive against diseases such as ich, aeromonas, and vibrio
* Beneficial, probiotic bacteria conditions aquarium water naturally and safely

Immune-Plus' all-natural probiotic formula works quickly and safely to protect your freshwater aquarium. Biological additive protects against a number of fish diseases, including ich, aeromonas (Hole in the Head), and vibrio. Also effective against body fungus and closed fins. Immune-Plus incorporates 5 different strains of probiotic bacteria to help reduce fish loss in your tank. Fish-safe formula contains no chemicals, pesticides, or copper. Use 2 tsp. per 20 gallons the first dose, and then use 1 tsp. per 20 gallons each week. 16 oz. treats up to 1,720 gallons at maintenance dose.

How it Works
The probiotics in Immune-Plus are designed to "overpower" pathogens by becoming the dominant bacteria in the aquarium, eating up the food source that pathogens rely on.

Super-concentrated disease preventive for all freshwater fish
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