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Kordon AquaHerbals Prevent-Ich

Kordon AquaHerbals Prevent-Ich
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* USA made 100% organic aquarium fish disease inhibitor & preventive
* Aquarium preventive for ich, fungus, protozoans and dinoflagellates
* Safe for use in all fresh, brackish or saltwater aquariums - even reef!

KordonCurtail costly aquarium fish losses and disease treatment with this 100% organic fish disease inhibitor and preventive. Kordon AquaHerbals Prevent Ich is an easy to use treatment composed of multiple 100% organic ingredients that delivers broad-spectrum activity against all types of external and epidermal single-celled infections. Its lack of toxicity makes Prevent-Ich safe and effective for use in all freshwater, brackish or saltwater aquariums, including reef and live rock aquariums.

Kordon AquaHerbals Prevent-Ich contains active ingredients comprised of multiple natural herbals containing naphthoquinone to help prevent and treat diseases caused by ich, fungus, protozoans and dinofagellates. Use Kordon AquaHerbals Prevent-Ich to stop infectious and external parasitic invasions from getting a foothold. Great for use in quarantine tanks! 16 oz. Contents treat 960 gallons. For freshwater and saltwater.

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