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Aquarium Solutions Ich-X SW

Aquarium Solutions Ich-X SW
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* Highly effective Ich treatment for saltwater marine aquariums
* Non-staining fish medication will not discolor aquarium silicon
* Treats disease conditions caused by marine Ich, fungi, protozoa and flukes

Aquarium SolutionsNon-staining mediation effectively treats marine Ich and more. Hikari Ich-X SW is proprietary formula of water and formaldehyde (<3%) that effectively treats disease conditions caused by marine Ich, marine fungi, protozoa and flukes. Non-staining formula will not discolor aquarium silicon or live rock. To treat marine "Ich" (Cryptocaryoniasis) conditions, add one teaspoonful (~5 mL) of Ich-X SW per 10 gallons of water. For use in saltwater marine aquariums. 16 oz treats 960 gallons.

Note: Do not use Hikari Ich-X SW with any other medications, sulfinate-, or sulfoxylate containing water conditioners.

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