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Hanna Instruments Testers

Hanna Instruments Testers
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* No more mixing solutions, or waiting - simply dip these waterproof testers in the water
* Easy-to-read test results in seconds
* Quickly measure pH and temperature; or test conductivity, total dissolved solids, and temperature

The pHep® 4 measures pH and temperature. Thanks to a stability indicator and hold feature, you'll know when to take the reading and you can freeze the display for easy and accurate recording. A stainless steel temperature probe enables fast, precise temperature measurement and auto-compensation. Includes four 1.5V batteries, pH electrode, and electrode replacement tool. ±0.1 accuracy.

The DiST® 5 offers a 3-in-1 solution that instantly tests conductivity, total dissolved solids (TDS), and temperature. The unit includes adjustable TDS ratio and temperature compensation. These testers also feature a stability indicator and hold feature - you'll know when to take the reading and you can freeze the display for an easy, accurate recording. A stainless steel temperature probe enables faster, more precise temperature measurement. Includes EC/TDS Probe, four 1.5V batteries, and electrode replacement tool. ±0.01 accuracy.

pHep 5 and DiST 6 provide the same features and convenience, but with more precise readings (±0.01 and ±0.02).

The pH/ORP Combo measures pH, redox potential, and temperature. The pH/EC/TDS Combo measures pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids, and temperature. Both have ±0.05 accuracy in their readings.

All feature automatic temperature compensation. Each also tests temperature (°C or °F) and includes a protective cap, replaceable electrode, electrode replacement tool, battery level indicator, automatic calibration, data hold feature, four 1.5V batteries, and a battery error prevention system. Each measures 1-3/4" x 6-3/4" x 3/4" thick.

Please note: While testers are automatically calibrated by the manufacturer, unavoidable jarring during shipping may affect calibration. Therefore, you should re-calibrate your tester using a Calibration Solution (sold separately) prior to initial use.

When not in use, rinse the electrode with water to minimize contamination and store it with a few drops of Storage Solution (sold separately) in the protective cap.

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pHep 4
(Mfg# HI 98127),   CD-14084,  
pHep 5
(Mfg# HI 98128),   CD-18815,  
pHep electrode
(Mfg# HI 73127),   CD-14463,  
pH/ORP Combo
(Mfg# HI 98121),   CD-25812,  
pH/EC/TDS Combo
(Mfg# HI 98129),   CD-25813,  
DiST 5
(Mfg# HI 98311),   CD-14085,  
DiST 6
(Mfg# HI 98312),   CD-18816,  
DiST 5 graphite electrode
(Mfg# HI 73311),   CD-14464,  
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