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Pinpoint Calcium Monitor

Pinpoint Calcium Monitor
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* Easy-to-use portable digital calcium monitor
* Precise LCD readout - displays calcium levels in ppm
* Convenient calcium testing for reef hobbyists

High-tech, digital calcium monitor simplifies routine testing. Just dip calibrated probe in water sample for quick and accurate measurement. No more mixing messy chemicals or waiting for results. Powered by a standard 9-volt battery (not included). Display Range of 000.0 – 9,772.0 ppm Ca+, Accuracy +/- 2% after calibration. 3" x 5". Includes calcium meter, calcium probe (7" probe with 10 ft probe cable with BNC connector) and calibration fluids.

Calcium Monitor Fluid Kit includes 1 bottle each of 100 ppm Calcium Calibration Fluid, and 1,000 ppm Calcium Calibration Fluid.

Replacement probe, adapter kit, and calibration packets also available.

Protect your American Marine Pinpoint Monitor from damage during transport with optional Armor Hard Carrying Case.

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