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The Reef Aquarium: Volume Three

The Reef Aquarium: Volumes One to Three
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Essential reference book for all reef aquarium enthusiasts. Hobbyists, professional aquarists, coral reef researchers, or anyone who study, create, and enjoy coral reef ecosystems in the confines of an aquarium will find this series invaluable. Easy-to-read references guide you through the world of reef keeping.

The Reef Aquarium: Volume Three
Author: Julian Sprung, J. Charles Delbeek
Format: Hardcover; 680 pages; color photos
Publisher: Ricordea Publishing, Inc., 2005
ISBN: 1883693144

Volume 3 describes the latest science and technology and explains the philosophy behind reef keeping. Covers new ideas in filtration, lighting, and system design, plumbing, pumping, and electrical design, foods and feeding, new aquascaping techniques and future trends in the hobby. 650+ color photos, illustrations, and tables; 680 pages.

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