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Magnum Canister Filter Accessories

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Magnum Canister Filter Accessories
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* Marineland brand replacement media for Magnum canister filters
* Routine media replacement ensures optimum filter performance
* Maintain aquarium water quality with efficient mechanical and chemical filtration
Filter Sleeves
Custom designed for the Magnum 220 and 350 micron cartridges and carbon/media container, these filter sleeves reduce accumulation of waste and dirt, ultimately extending cartridge life. Available for the H.O.T. Magnum and standard Magnum.

Micron Cartridges
For fast cleanups and removal of microscopic particles. Reusable cartridge contains 320 sq inches of surface area. Fits all Magnums (not shown).

Carbon Containers
For activated carbon or other large granular filter media. #117735 (mfg# PA 0145) is for Magnum 330/350 and 200/220 filters. #118034 (mfg#PR 1545) is for H.O.T. Magnum filters.

Save money and maintenance while extending your filter's life
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