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Easy-Life® Excital Cyano Stain Remover

Easy-Life® Excital Cyano Stain Remover
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* Remove unsightly cyanobacteria stains in marine aquariums
* Easy, natural way to remove red, black or blue-green stains
* Excital does not contain harsh algaecides or erythromycin

Naturally remove stains caused by cyanobacteria without using algaecides or antibiotics! Excital Cyano Stain Remover offers a safe and easy way to restore aquarium beauty. Revolutionary blend of vitamins and synthetic concentrates stimulate the growth of beneficial micro-organisms in light-sensitive places in the aquarium. Healthy bacteria growth displaces cyanobacteria to clear stains from corals, live rock, substrate and other aquarium surfaces. You'll see visible results within 10 days!

Excital Cyano Stain Remover doesn't contain algaecides or erythromycin, so there's no chance of bacterial strains becoming resistant. Plus, you don't have to do anything more than remove activated carbon while dosing. Just leave your equipment on, and no water changes are required afterwards because it's completely biodegradable. Safe to use with all marine fish, invertebrates and corals. Will not harm the beneficial nitrifying bacteria in your biofiltration system.

1 fl. oz. treats 30 gallons. 16.9 fl. oz. Dosage cup included. For marine aquariums only.

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