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Kent Marine Nitrogen Sponge

Kent Marine Nitrate Sponge
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* Nitrate removing media for freshwater and marine aquarium use
* Fosters anaerobic bacteria to naturally remove aquarium nitrates
* Granular zeolitic media directly remove ammonia in freshwater aquariums

Nitrogen Sponge is a granular zeolitic medium which works by two methods: 1) It slowly, but directly adsorbs small amounts of ammonia that are released by fish and natural processes, and 2) it fosters anaerobic bacterial denitrification due to its physical porous structure. This denitrification slowly reduces nitrate levels in the aquarium. It works well in freshwater tanks or tap water to remove toxic ammonia directly!

Kent Marine Nitrogen Sponge extends the time allowed between water changes by keeping nitrates low. 2 qt. jar treats a 50 gallon tank. This media (like all media) must be used in a media bag.

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