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Cobalt Aquatics Activated Carbon

Cobalt Aquatics Activated Carbon
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* Premium activated carbon in varied pores sizes for aquarium filtration
* Removes heavy metals, discoloration and odors from aquarium water
* Pre-rinsed and pre-bagged activated carbon simplifies aquarium use

Pre-bagged high quality activated carbon keeps dusty messes to a minimum. Cobalt Aquatics Activated Carbon makes it easier and cleaner to employ this popular aquarium chemical filter media. You'll be amazed the difference these pre-rinse and pre-bagged activated carbon make on routine aquarium maintenance. Enjoy sparkling aquarium water free of odors, heavy metals and medications.

Cobalt Aquatics Activated Carbon is available in varied pore sizes to best suit your aquarium needs. Premium Pellets with macro-pore activated carbon delivers longer activity while Premium Granules with micro-pore activated carbon removes impurities quickly. Premium Blend combines macro- and micro-pore activated carbon for fast-action that lasts for weeks. Cobalt Aquatics Activated Carbon is great for use with freshwater or marine aquariums including reef aquariums. Each comes in a 10.6 oz jar with three 3.5 oz bags of pre-rinsed activated carbon.

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