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Fluval C Series Replacement Biological Media Bio-Screen and C-Nodes

Fluval C Series Replacement Biological Media Bio-Screen and C-Nodes
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* Replacement biological media for Fluval C aquarium filters
* Maximize biological filtrations for clean, healthy aquariums
* Quickly reduce toxic ammonia and nitrite from aquarium water

FluvalEnsure your Fluval C Series power filter provides optimum biological filtration. Fluval C Series replacement biological media is the key to maintaining optimum biological balance and enhanced removal of toxic ammonia and nitrate.

Bio-Screen removes any debris before dripping into the biological chamber. Micro-weave core provides massive biological surface area. Placed at the top of the Trickle Chamber cover, Bio-Screen ensures that the water pumped to the Trickle Chamber is evenly spread through all areas before it drips on the C-Nodes, which are contained in the chamber. The motion of water dripping slowly through the grids ensures additional oxygen is dissolved into the water before returning to the aquarium for more efficient biological filtration.

Ceramic C-Nodes feature a complex pore system where beneficial bacteria fill and thrive. Their innovative star shape provides a higher filtration surface and more biological power than most biological media, resulting in a healthy aquarium environment. Replace 1/2 the quantity of C-Nodes in your trickle chamber once every six months.

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