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Seachem Acid & Alkaline Buffer

Seachem Acid & Alkaline Buffer
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* Buffering agent great for conditioning freshwater planted aquariums
* Use Acid & Alkaline Buffer together to achieve optimum aquarium pH
* Maintain stable aquarium pH levels for healthy aquarium inhabitants

Acid Buffer
This phosphate-free buffer lowers and stabilizes pH in the acid range of 4.0 to 6.8. Designed specially for freshwater and planted aquariums, but may also be used to lower the pH in saltwater aquariums. 300 grams treats approximately 3,000 gallons.

Alkaline Buffer
This phosphate-free buffer raises and stabilizes pH in the alkaline range of 7.4 to 8.4. Designed for freshwater and planted aquariums. Will safely raise pH with little danger of pH shock. 300 grams treats approximately 420 gallons. Use 7 grams (1 level teaspoon) for every 10 gallons daily until desired pH is reached.

Please click on "More Information" for recommended dosing.

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