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Brightwell Aquatics Alkalin8.3-P

Brightwell Aquatics Alkalin8.3-P
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* Powdered alkalinity (KH) buffer supplement for all marine aquariums
* Helps increase pH stability in an aquarium by raising the alkalinity
* Provides a source of carbonates for reef-building organisms

Brightwell AquaticsIncrease aquarium pH stability and replenish carbonates important to reef-building organisms. Alkalin8.3-P alkalinity (KH) buffer powder is a highly effective powdered blend that increases and maintains alkalinity to a desirable level. Formulated by a marine scientist, Alkalin8.3-P provides a source of carbonates important for developing skeletal material in reef-building organisms. Continued addition of Alkalin8.3 also raises pH and maintains it at 8.3. For marine and reef aquariums. 500 grams treats up to 5,000 gallons.

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