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Acurel F Aquarium Water Clarifier

Acurel F Aquarium Water Clarifier
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* Fast and easy-to-use organically-based freshwater aquarium clarifier
* Clears cloudy, polluted water giving aquariums a "just-polished" look
* Concentrated clarifier also greatly improves aquarium filter efficiency

Discover why Acurel F Aquarium Water Clarifier is the professionals' preferred choice for over 45 years! Acurel F Aquarium Water Clarifier keeps aquarium water crystal clear with its fast-acting and easy-to-use organically based formulation. Clears cloudy, green or polluted water within hours of application, combats the harmful effects of overfeeding AND improves filter efficiency for crystal-clear aquarium water with a "just-polished" look.

Safe and effective Acurel F Aquarium Water Clarifier is made with organic extracts from renewable resources and will not disturb beneficial bacteria in biological filtration systems of healthy, established aquariums. Safe for all freshwater fish and plants and is environmentally friendly. Made in the USA. Use regularly for crystal-clear aquariums.

Please Note: Use only in Freshwater Aquariums. Do not use with brackish water species in freshwater.

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50 ml (2.11 oz),   CD-86262,   $5.99
250 ml (10.55 oz),   CD-86263,   $19.99
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