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Easy-Life® Fluid Filter Medium

Easy-Life® Fluid Filter Medium
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* Ultimate aquarium water conditioner with over 30 beneficial effects
* 100% natural & safe all-purpose aquarium problem solver in a bottle!
* Liquid Filter Medium detoxifies and promotes aquarium water quality

Discover a revolutionary new product that simplifies aquarium care. Award-winning Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium is the ultimate water conditioner. Helps biological filtration perform better and last longer while improving water quality, clarity, and dozens of other healthy benefits. 100% natural and safe Fluid Filter Medium is ideal for establishing new aquariums faster, when adding new fish, during water changes, to promote breeding, or to address overall water and health problems.

Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium makes aquarium water crystal clear, reduces and prevents stress, removes copper, zinc, aluminium and other harmful heavy metals, ammonia, medication residue, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and other chemical contaminants. Removes chlorine and chloramines, protects the slime coat, counteracts harmful bacteria, assists healing wounds, sticky fins, fin rot and inflammation, accelerates growth of useful bacteria, prevents algae buildup, promotes breeding, removes odor AND stimulates the opening and growth of corals and plants.

Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium is a special blend of natural inorganic mineral compounds and contains no organic chemicals, enzymes or bacteria. Can be stored at room temperature indefinitely without diminishing quality or potency. 1 fl. oz. treats 24 gallons. 16.9 fl. oz. Dosage cup included. For marine and freshwater aquariums.

Click "More Information" for dosage instructions, application tips, and additional benefits.

2004 aquarium product of the year in Germany
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