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Two Little Fishies BioPronto Freshwater

Two Little Fishies BioPronto Freshwater
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* Cultured, naturally occurring microbes for freshwater aquariums
* Rapidly establish efficient biological filtration in new aquariums
* Enhance nitrification & denitrification in heavily stocked aquariums

Two Little FishiesJumpstart the biological filtration process with cultured, naturally occurring microbes. Two Little Fishies BioPronto Freshwater rapidly establishes a healthy and active biological filter in freshwater aquariums. Use it to start the nitrification cycle in new setups or in established or heavily stocked aquariums for enhanced nitrification and denitrification. Two Little Fishies BioPronto Freshwater rapidly dissimilates toxic ammonia to improve aquarium water quality.

The entire content of 125 ml BioPronto Freshwater treats 50 gallons for startup dosing and 625 gallons for maintenance.

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