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Korallen-Zucht ZEObak Microorganism Solution

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Korallen-Zucht ZEObak Microorganism Solution
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* Bacterial additive for ZEOvit low-nutrient reef aquarium systems
* Multiple live strains of bacteria reduce excess aquarium nutrients
* Supports bacterial fauna essential for coral health and coloration

Enhance bacterial fauna to support a Zeovit low-nutrient reef aquarium system. Korallen-Zucht ZEObak Microorganism Solution contains several strains of carefully selected bacteria to promote healthy, well-balanced and effective nutrient reduction. Varied stains of live microorganisms work synergistically to create a natural chain reaction that progressively reduces unwanted substances until your protein skimmer is able to remove them permanently from the water column. This concentrated mix of beneficial bacteria is also great when you need to start a new aquarium quickly.

Proper use of Korallen-Zucht ZEObak Microorganism Solution creates a low-nutrient environment where unsightly slime algae are unable to gain a foothold. Use ZEObak in conjunction with Korallen-Zucht ZEOFood7 Bacteria and Coral Food and ZEOstart3 Phosphate and Nitrate Reductor to build up bacteria plankton that be used as a food source for healthy, intensely colored corals.

Note: Korallen-Zucht ZEObak Microorganism Solution has a limited shelf life because it contains cultures of living microorganisms. It will last for at least 9 months if kept refrigerated. Please make sure to avoid any contamination of the solution in the bottle (e.g. with aquarium water).

Goal for the ZEOvit low-nutrient reef aquarium system
The purpose of the ZEOvit system is to create a low nutrient, near natural levels, environment. The goal is to reduce measurable levels of nitrate (NO3) and phosphate (PO4) without lowering the levels of important minerals, like calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), Potassium (K+) and carbonate hardness (KH), such that addition of these trace elements is minimal.

Downloadable General Guide for the ZEOvit System PDF.
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